The Grind

Published March 13, 2022

To sell an idea, a salesperson will attempt to paint a picture of a future possibility that is so compelling, that it creates a yearning. A desire so strong, change is the only path forward. This may work for many individuals. For those that need another approach, there's an alternative.

It’s relatively easy to hallucinate a future possibility. We dream, we worry, we fantasize, we use our imagination. The cognitive abilities of the human's organic, quantum computer, to create a probabilistic future, is infinite. To see those possible futures and to bring chaos in, is exciting. It gets the blood flowing. Until the brain freezes, overwhelmed with the possibilities.

What happens next is the rational mind takes over. It tells rational lies. Tony Robbins describes it as the tyranny of the 'how'. The prevailing solution is to envision the future in such concrete terms that the unconscious mind has no choice but to be reprogrammed and convinced of a new reality. And this magically, mystically, compels the unconscious mind to find answers along the way that were always there, but now made visible by the new programming.

Yes, this can work. It does work, for many. Yet for those that require a stepwise approach to reprogramming your unconscious mind like myself, are challenged with accepting this mystical, magic solution and shares in a mental map that says "it is only possible with hard work", another path may be needed, at least to start.

Yes, I acknowledge that this is not more valid. That it doesn't always require hard work. It can happen quickly and suddenly like a lightning flash, and you're life is transformed. Or it could be a slow drip of change, until a burst of a transformative waves emerges out of the grind, to bring chaos in balance. Either way, change is possible.

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